A Holistic Education For The Adaptive Individual of Tomorrow

Pasxcel Academy is an online learning institution providing IGCSE education experience that covers academics, life skills as well as intellectual pursuits for upper secondary students


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Empowering Your Child To Reach Your Full Potential

Our goal at Pasxcel is to make our experienced IGCSE teachers redundant for your child as fast as possible. Our tutoring method focuses on shaping the mindset of your child to become a lifelong learner to figure things out on their own.

We aspire to not only produce well-rounded students students that excel academically but to build individuals that have the essential soft skills, confidence and knowledge to succeed and be prepared for the possibilities of tomorrow.

The Pasxcel Dream

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A Learning Institution Like No Other

Close Bond With Teachers

Each of our classes has only 5 students and one teacher. This ensures that your child gets the attention he/she needs.

Tailored Curriculum For Your Child

No two paths to success are the same. Pasxcel will create a curriculum suitable for your child's needs, goals and capabilities.

Never Miss A Class While On The Go

Travelling? Quarantine? School phobia? Don't worry. Simply log in from anywhere (with good internet, of course!) and class is already in session.

Learn In A Safe Environment

Learn in the comfort of your own home (even in your pajamas!) without any outside interruptions.

Be Taught By Expert Educators

All our teachers go through a thorough screening with us – mock tutoring sessions, intensive trainings, exams and background verification. We only pick the best for your child.

Unlimited Video Playbacks

All live lessons are recorded so you can always replay them to relearn the classes at your own pace.

Adaptive Teaching Methodology

Our teachers will build on the knowledge of the students and work around it to make them understand the topic on their own.

Real World Exposure

Our Fellowship Programme gives opportunities for your child to gain exposure by working with our partnering organisations


How Pasxcel Helps Build A Well Rounded Individual



Complete IGCSE Syllabus Within 12 Months

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12 Months

Next Intake

Sep 2020


12 Months



Subjects beyond IGCSE syllabus that build life skills

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Fast Track Students


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Fast Track Students


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Be exposed to real working
environment in companies

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Fast Track Students


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What Parents Are Saying

As classes went on, I start to see my child getting more and more interested in the subject that he used to dislike. Best of all, his grades have started showing a positive increment and so has his interest in learning. Thank you Pasxcel!



Building A Community Driven Leader

Aside from focusing on IGCSE academic excellence, Pasxcel syllabus is also heavily emphasized on creating a close bond among our students. Therefore, each week we conduct programmes to cultivate a strong sense of community among our students


Debate Teams

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Pasxcel Community

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Accreditations & Memberships

Pasxcel comprehensive subjects

We at Pasxcel believe that education is more than just about memorising facts and formulas. Education is an important component in our growth as a person. We aim to impart important life lessons to all our students and instill in them the love of learning. Learning is a lifelong journey, one that we embark on for the rest of our lives and does not end when we finish our formal education.

With that in mind, our programme goes beyond the usual IGSCE syllabus and we offer our students a wide range of comprehensive subjects that will offer them a broader view of the world. These comprehensive subjects are meant to teach them important life skills as well give them an appreciation of the cultural side of human endeavours.

Our students will be allowed to take up to two comprehensive subjects per term. These subjects are meant to supplement their educational journey. Our hope is that our students will come out of our programme as more well rounded individuals that have been exposed to a wider variety of knowledge about the world. With these skills in hand, our students will be more prepared when they embark on the next stage of their lives.

Here are some of the subjects we offer :

World History

The course covers an introductory view of world history which would include a survey and exploration of some important ancient civilisations as well as a brief look at modern history. The aim is to offer the students an appreciation of history as well as an understanding of the contributions that some of these civilisations have given the modern world.

Financial Literacy

We aim to ensure each Pasxcel graduate is able to charter the waters of the financial world as a young adult. This course will introduce different asset classes that they can invest in. It will teach them about how to invest in the share market, real estate as well as tax planning. It will also cover the classics such as financial planning and knowing the difference between what is an asset and a liability.


The course covers basic to intermediate level programming, specifically in Python. In this current age, programming is a skill as important as reading and writing, and we believe that our students should be given the opportunity to learn this essential skill. The course is designed via a series of programming projects that leads up to the students writing a useful working program at the end of the course.

Basics of agriculture

We aim to furnish our students with the necessary skills to grow their own food. We believe that such an essential skill should always be part of the curriculum. The course would introduce them to the basics of growing food. This includes lessons on nutrients, pest control and diseases of the crops. The lesson has a theory component as well as a practical component, where the student will be growing certain crops in their own homes.

* There will be more subjects added to this list each term.

Pasxcel fellowship programme

With Pasxcel’s fast track programme, your child will be able to cover and excel in the full IGCSE syllabus within a year. This allows them to have more time before jumping into the next phase of life. We understand the concern that parents may have with their child finishing school early. We here at Pasxcel are equally concerned but we realise that this is an opportunity for your child to explore his interests and passions. We’ve heard repeatedly that children are clueless about what to pursue after high school. This is mainly because they are not given the opportunity to get their hands dirty by exploring the options available to them.

To solve this problem, we have established the Pasxcel Fellowship Programme with the aim to prepare the student for what comes after their IGCSE studies. Through the programme the student will be exposed to real working environments where they will be able to experience what it’s like working at a company.

The Fellowship Programme is catered to allow your child to explore a wide range of industries and fields through a Placement Programme. Your child will be given the opportunity to learn about the different career paths available to them as well as gain valuable skills through their engagement within the industry.

Of course we understand that for some of our students, they have already decided on what their career paths will be and with that in mind the Fellowship Programme also includes a Social Activism Track. Your child will be involved in activities and groups that deal with social activism giving them an opportunity to develop a strong sense of social awareness and responsibility. They will participate in charity and volunteering organisations where they can experience first hand the joy of giving back to the community.