How to Score an A* in IGCSE Chemistry

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Is Chemistry giving you sleepless nights? Are you worried you will flunk in IGCSE Chemistry? Are you tired of being an average and want to be a part of the A* Club of students in IGCSE Chemistry?

Guess What! Your chemistry with chemistry depends on you. No one is born with the periodic table memorized on their fingertips. Improving your performance in Chemistry is one thing and scoring an A* in it is another.

Chemistry is a subject which has the potential to be both: your favorite and highest scoring or your most hated and grade lowering.

To score an A* in IGCSE Chemistry two things matter the most:

  • Studying regularly
  • Understanding the basic principles of Chemistry

This does not mean that you must keep your nose buried in books all the time. However, you must stay in touch with what is being taught regularly, especially if you want to score an A* in IGCSE Chemistry exam.

Do not underestimate the importance of understanding the principles and key concepts of chemistry as it is one subject where everything is interlinked. If your foundation of Chemistry isn’t strong you won’t be able to understand anything as you won’t have anything to establish it on.

We have put together a list of tips and suggestions from our expert IGCSE tutors that will help you devise the best strategy to take on the syllabus of IGCSE Chemistry and score an A* in it.

1. Making Notes Regularly:

You do not have to study day in and day out to get an A* in IGCSE Chemistry but you must study regularly even if it is for just an hour. No matter how many notes you are provided with and how brilliant, nothing works better than notes that you make yourself. For Chemistry, you are required to learn the names and values of chemicals and compounds.

There is a lot of information to filter in and register and for that nothing works better than notes that you write on your own. After every class at school, you must sit down and organize what you have learned in the form of notes. It will take less than half an hour and increase your chances for an A*.

2. Making Flowcharts:

In Chemistry there is so much to memorize and remember that you can easily lose your mind. There are no shortcuts to memorizing but making flowcharts of various reactions will make the process a lot easier. Make a list of flowcharts of all reactions and paste it around your study area.

You must write down the flowcharts on your own instead of studying from print outs as it will help you in memorizing faster. Moreover, these flowcharts will make revision easier and faster.

3. Understanding over Cramming:

For IGCSE Chemistry finals, mere cramming won’t help you in scoring an A*. You must understand the key concepts and understand them deeply. You won’t be asked to only recall and explain concepts but apply them to other contexts as well.

You are expected to gain knowledge and not just acquire information mindlessly. Understanding concepts will also make it easier for you  to learn and recall them.

4. Grasping The Basics:

You must have a stronghold over the concepts fundamental to Chemistry such as the periodic table which you must become best friends with. You must know how to calculate the neutron number of an element from its mass number and atomic number.

You should be able to draw ionic bonds and covalent bonds. You must know and practice how to balance chemical equations. For doing all of the above you must know your periodic table well.

5. Use Flashcards:

Flashcards are tools that can help you in memorizing the names of all the chemicals, formulas and reactions and even the periodic table. Do not use ready-made flashcards but make them yourself as this is the first step in the learning process.

These flashcards can also be used to quiz yourself and revise in the nick of time. Keep the flashcards carrying information you keep forgetting aside from others and revise them more frequently than others.

6. Practicing the Practicals:

Do not underestimate the importance of Practicals for IGCSE Chemistry and do not overlook while preparing for theory. The syllabus also clearly states the importance of incorporating practical learning in the course.

It is very important to go to the lab as frequently as possible, know your apparatuses and conduct experiments under guidance for a fuller knowledge of the subject.

7. MCQs and Previous Year Papers:

To score an A* in IGCSE Chemistry, names of all chemicals, compounds, formulas, and reactions must be on your tips. Accuracy is very important as writing partially correct formulas won’t fetch you marks. Solving MCQs will help you sharpen your factual knowledge required for Chemistry. Moreover, Paper 2 is a multiple-choice paper so solving MCQs will train you for it.

Going through solved previous year question papers is crucial for not just chemistry but all subjects. It makes you aware of the pattern of question papers as well as the type of answers expected out of you.

You must correct your papers and tests as that will help you identify your weak spots. Also, write down the correct answers next to the correct ones, this will help you in remembering the correct one next time. You can also join our IGCSE online tuition to practice past papers with the help of our professional IGCSE Chemistry tutors.

8. Work on Your Weaknesses:

Taking tests and studying blindly without analyzing your mistakes is a mistake in itself. It is very important to look at your mistakes, correct them and remember them to avoid in future. You must identify your weaknesses and devote time to improve them and only then can you hope for an A* in IGCSE Chemistry.

Do not forget to attempt all the check-up questions after each sub-topic in your IGCSE textbook as they help you in testing your understanding of the topic. Find out the answers to the questions you are unable to answer.

If you brush up your basics of chemistry every day and work on making your basics stronger then you are sure to score an A* in IGCSE Chemistry.

Keep persisting and you will eventually make it.

All the best.

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