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Why A Discovery Session?

This session is crucial as we will need to assess whether your child is able to cope with our fast track programme as well as to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the different aspects of subject interest. Here, we also analyse and understand your child’s personality and their learning styles to help us craft a customised game plan that can will help your child improve tremendously.

This discovery session is a video conference that usually last for about 1 hour and it is our entry gate to all the programmes on Pasxcel and is priced at RM750.00 per session.

Fee for a Discovery Session : RM750

What Will You Get From The Discovery Session?

Student’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of subject knowledge and exam techniques

Learning Objectives Your Child Failed To Meet

Detailed step by step guide on how to make best use of strengths and aggressively eliminate weaknesses.

Game plan for upcoming exams that will help them boost current scores.

Pasxcel recommendations on what subjects to take for Fast Track Programme

Any questions that you have for Pasxcel experts regarding our programmes

Apart from these, there is something more important; feedback from our certified IGCSE teachers:

  • You will know whether your child has perfectly understood & covered the syllabus adequately.
  • You will understand how far or close your child is to score their desired results
  • You will also find out how well the current teaching methods are working for your child
  • You will be able to identify where they need your special attention
  • You will also be able to gauge if your child’s current tutor/teacher have done their job effectively
  • You will also find out how well the current teaching methods are working for your child


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How To Gain Admission Into Our Fast Track Programme

Step 1: Sign Up For Discovery Session

This is where we assess whether your child meets the learning objectives set by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

Step 2: Receive Feedback & Offer Letter

Receive a video feedback highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your child as well as a guide on how to proceed to join our Fast Track programme.

Step 3: Get Ready For Pasxcel Experience

It is advised that students have a decent internet connection, a good webcam and a laptop/computer to proceed with online classes. Happy Learning!


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