Our Story

The story of how Pasxcel started and the team behind it


Our Purpose


Our Purpose

Through the years, we realise that the international and private school education system are not delivering the value that they promise which is to provide a well-integrated learning experience for the students. After much research, we found out that students don’t only need a tutor, but they strive for a teacher who is also a mentor, motivator and a leader. Unfortunately, a dedicated teacher with all these qualities has become rare these days resulting in poor, under-performing students in school.

Any loving parents would agree that they want to provide the best education for their child in this day and age. However, we have also learned that many parents out there are struggling to get their kids the education that they deserve. Very often when students deliver poor results and generally, those students will very quickly be labelled as incompetent, dumb or downright lazy which will in turn lower their self-esteem and confidence. Parents on the other hand will most probably have accepted defeat that their child is hopeless in achieving excellence in their studies.

Pasxcel was then built with both parents and children in mind. We realised that every child has the ability to excel in their studies but is just missing the right catalyst to bring out that untapped potential in them. The question is, why are we blaming the child for their failure when the teaching was not taught right in the beginning?

This is where Pasxcel is able to assist you in getting your children from being told that they are useless and unworthy to being knowledgeable and successful in life. We truly believe in our students and it is our duty to make sure that when they come and learn with us, we are showering them with the right knowledge and skills to be independent and self-sufficient.

Our true aim is to really revolutionise the education system, to make sure teachers are delivering the value that they promise so that every student is able to harness the knowledge they are given to its true potential. Rest assured that our teachers work tirelessly around the clock to curate the best learning experience for your child through dedicated research, passion and innovation. We believe that in order to raise holistic individuals, we need to foster independent thinkers by encouraging curiosity and to put an end to stigmatising failures. Let us be the guiding hand to your child’s success in their education journey today.

We want to be the force of change that brings education beyond just memorising theories and formula and we do that by incorporating a holistic education approach into our syllabus.


Pasxcel’s Growth Timeline


The Team Behind Pasxcel

We screen through tons of applicants on a daily basis and only 2% of teachers make it to the final interview. We are really dedicated in making sure your child gets the best learning experience from well-trained teachers that we chose to bring in.

Our teachers are all experts in the subjects that they teach and rest assured, their classes are always fun and engaging for the students to understand better.


Principal Yuven

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Teacher Devina


Teacher Rasyad


Accreditations & Memberships

Founder & Principal, Mr. Yuven

After years of being a Chartered Accountant, Mr. Yuven finally threw in the towel. He decided to pursue the one thing that truly makes him the act of transferring knowledge and inspiring young minds. He has personally tutored hundred of students and they have all achieved great results in their IGCSE exams way before he even founded Pasxcel Academy. His personal track record was 97.8% of his students scoring at least an A in their IGCSE. Most students come to him for help after they have been told that there is now way they were going to excel in their exams by their school teachers but he made it possible. He turned students who self-doubted their abilities into self-confidence and the results they achieved in a mere span of 3 – 6 months under his guidance really soared through. His secret has been a combination of flaming the passion for learning and excellence coupled with formation of good studying habits in all the students he coaches. Due to his undying passion, he decided to build Pasxcel in hopes to gather more teachers with the same goal and aspiration in bringing out the true potential in every child possible.