Pasxcel Leaders

We are committed towards instilling the following attributes in each of our students. These qualities are firmly embedded in the day to day teaching and the ongoing efforts of building a Pasxcel leader


Values of A Pasxcel Leader

Independent Thinkers

Pasxcel’s students are trained to become independent thinkers as we believe this is the catalyst to long term learning

Curious Learner

A curious learner is the trait of a high performing student. Our vetted delivery ensures that your child enjoys learning

Adaptable Individual

We make sure that we equipped your child with resourceful skills to ensure that they are adaptable to the ever-changing landscape

Global Citizen

On a weekly basis, we talk about what is happening around the globe and incorporate that in our learning

Cheerful Companion

Our focus is also to instil positivity in your children so he/she can go out and be a positive force in the environment around him

Highly Driven

Our teaching methodology ensures that your children become a highly driven individual that will help them achieving their goals

Renaissance Individual

We make sure that this achievement oriented individualism is instilled in your child via our teaching

Community Centric

What’s the point of instilling all these values if you can’t impart it to the community around you. That’s our mission

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