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We offer competitive scholarships to deserving students. As one of the pioneers in the IGCSE online tuition institutions across the globe, Pasxcel has always held steadfast to our commitment of creating a new generation of high calibre teen, while giving back to society.

Scholarship Breakdown

We offer various scholarships for prospective and current students at Pasxcel.

Types of Scholarship(s) Available
Pasxcel Fastrack Scholarship
Amount Of Scholarship
Up to RM10,000.00
IGCSE FastTrack Applicants
Partial Scholarship
Academic Criteria
Min 30 Points In Previous Exam
Application Process
Online Interview
Online Assessment

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And learn how your child can:

Excel IGCSE with ease

Our proven teaching methodology has helped over 250 students aced their IGCSE

Cultivate Learning Independence

Our unique learning methodology transforms your child into a lifelong learner

Enrol in their favourite college

With a good result that we’ll help you attain, your child will be able to apply to their favourite tertiary institution