Hear How Pasxcel Has Transformed The Lives Of Students Globally

It’s an eye opener for me

Initially when we heard that this institution are online, that they happen over a video chat, we were hesitant to it because we were not used to it. But as classes went on, I started seeing my child get more and more interested. Best part, his grades and started showing a positive increment and so does his interest in learning! Thank You

Kalsom, Parent

She says she has became 100% better​

Main satisfaction for me is when I’m able to discuss the problems and we can think for ways to help her. That’s the most important. Before that she had low self esteem. Now, she has better self-esteem, 100% better. Mr. Yuven is definitely someone who has patience and the passion in his work!

Dr. Norzalita, Lecturer at UKM

Became good at analysing​

I struggled with English as First language because it was hard to understand fully in class. Teacher Yuven can teach very well, being more good at analysing. Analysing for comprehension. You should give it a try because you’ll be able to understand more and you don’t need to drive from one place to another, because its online!

Soo Wen, Student

I get to achieve a lot. I achieved a lot in Maths

I get to achieve a lot. I achieved a lot in Maths. I can do it in 30 minutes and I can actually get full marks, which is actually great! I would recommend to study with
Pasxcel because he is a great tutor and a great motivator!

Ermina, Student

Read What Others Have To Say

Tan Jin Ying


“I took Platinum classes with Teacher Yuven for 3 months. When I started the classes I didn’t know double entry & couldn’t even balance my accounts. By the end of the 3rd month, I was finishing my accounts in record time. Teacher Yuven not only helped me with accounts but he also motivated me to do be more confident. He prompted to always ask questions even when I feel shy. I would heavily recommend his classes to any introvert like me.”

Gul Rukh


“Pasxcel immediatly inspired my son to welcome the latest and easiest way to thoroughly understand Chemistry from the international mentors.And their feedback filled him with responsible commitment for his studies. Once the world has become Global village, Education is the best investment. And I swear Pasxcel is going to lead the efucators. Bravo. Pasxcel.”

Soo Wen Venice


“The biggest satisfaction about Pasxcel’s IGCSE tuition is the methods I learned from Teacher Yuven. It really helped me a great deal with my English As First Language paper. My analysis of the questions became so much sharper. As a result, my marks improved by a whole 3 grades! Both my and my mom was quite apprehensive about taking the classes online as we did not know how it worked or have tried it out before. But I was scoring E’s and D’s. And we heard about Pasxcel’s reputation of changing students grades around so we decided to give it a try. Now, I would highly recommend all my friends to take up classses with Pasxcel. Not only the teaching style is super student friendly, online tuition is far more convenient for me and my mother.”

Tanusha Mudiandy


“I used to take accounting classes for my A Levels with him. I would say one of the best teacher that I have come across. His techniques really helped me to improve my knowledge and understanding of the subject. A very good motivator too!”

Sivasangeetha Sivaraman


“Teacher Yuven tutored me for F8 Audit & Assurance. His methods were good & I understood the fundamentals better. I passed with a very satisfying result & would recommend his coaching to those who are interested.”

Ahmed Bashammakh


“I definitely would recommend. I had class with teacher devina she was one of the best teachers that I have learnt with. She always tries to teach difficult topics with simplest ways.”


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