Pasxcel Ultimate IGCSE A* Guide

Turbocharge Your Child IGCSE Results Effortlessly

‘Learn the behind the scenes secrets that has helped over 265 Pasxcel’s students aced their IGCSE results

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Pasxcel Ultimate IGCSE A* Guide

A Surefire Video Guide To Help You
Score A* In Your IGCSE Exams

Modules In The Video Course

Goal Setting Secrets Of The High Performer

Learn a simple trick used by many top performers to set goals


Fail-proof Answering Techniques

Overcome each trick and trap set by the examiners


Secrets To Winning Over IGCSE Examiner

Learn how you can crush IGCSE examiners in their own game

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Cheatsheet To Maxing Out Your Marks Everytime

Your child’s grades are worsening month by month


BONUS: Answering Templates For Major All Subjects

Plug and play answering templates that will help your children answer almost all subjects easily


Bravo Pasxcel

Pasxcel immediatly inspired my son to welcome the latest and easiest way to thoroughly understand Chemistry from the international mentors.And their feedback filled him with responsible commitment for his studies. Once the world has become Global village, Education is the best investment. And I swear Pasxcel is going to lead the efucators. Bravo. Pasxcel.

Gul Rukh, Parent
I Definitely Would Recommend

I definitely would recommend. I had class with teacher devina she was one of the best teachers that I have learnt with. She always tries to teach difficult topics with simplest ways.

Ahmed Bashammakh
I get to achieve a lot. I achieved a lot in Maths

I get to achieve a lot. I achieved a lot in Maths. I can do it in 30 minutes and I can actually get full marks, which is actually great! I would recommend to study with Pasxcel because he is a great tutor and a great motivator!

Ermina, Student
My Marks Improved By A Whole 3 Grades!

The biggest satisfaction about Pasxcel's IGCSE tuition is the methods I learned from Teacher Yuven. It really helped me a great deal with my English As First Language paper. My analysis of the questions became so much sharper. As a result, my marks improved by a whole 3 grades! Both my and my mom was quite apprehensive about taking the classes online as we did not know how it worked or have tried it out before. But I was scoring E's and D's. And we heard about Pasxcel's reputation of changing students grades around so we decided to give it a try. Now, I would highly recommend all my friends to take up classses with Pasxcel. Not only the teaching style is super student friendly, online tuition is far more convenient for me and my mother.

Ermina, Student

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